Our Digital Products

As we move towards a fast-approaching digital future we’re applying the same attitude and dedication to making apps and eBooks as we always have when making guide books. We want to take full advantage of the almost limitless potential these new mediums present us with. We don’t aim to flood the market with the same products everyone else is making. Instead, we’re working to deliver content in ways that no one has seen before and to create products that compliment the games we love in the best way possible.





Official 3DS Guide


Welcome to our Official 3DS Guide for Mirror of Fate. This site can only be viewed from the Nintendo 3DS Browser. Please check out www.future-press/mof on your Nintendo 3DS system to get full access to our guide. It features a full Map Guide with tips that will help you reach 100% game completion and hints that will help get you through particularly tricky parts of the game. The Bestiary section details concise strategies and useful data for every enemy. Sections about Equipment, Skills and Abilities allow you to master every move and item at your disposal. For easy access, during gameplay simply press the HOME Button and use the 3DS Internet Browser (while the game is being paused). Enter www.future-press.com/mof to get guidance, then go straight back to your game.







The Official SOULCALIBUR V Guide App


Our SOULCALIBUR V app for iPhone acts as a compact yet entirely comprehensive reference to the game. It contains full movelists for all characters, complete with damage, properties and frame data for each attack that is updated and accurate according to the latest patch. It also includes separate videos for each character’s most useful combos, Ukemi Traps and wall combos, all of which can either be instantly streamed or downloaded to your iPhone. Finally, in addition to all of that, it features profiles and artwork for all characters as well as character overviews and ratings taken from the official guide and written by tournament-winning players. If you’re a fan of SOULCALIBUR V this app is indispensible.






FP VideoCodes

The Future Press VideoCode App


Our videocodes bring the strategies to the player in the quickest way possible. Videos are viewable in an instant simply by scanning the QR codes in a guide using your phone. The VideoCode app allows you to download and manage all of these as you wish, and you can also simply choose a guide and then select particular videos from a complete list. An improved and updated version of this app is coming soon.